Health and Welfare Database

  • 2016-08-29
  • Yu-Chen Wu

File Descriptions Provided Years
Health-01 Ambulatory care expenditures by visits 1998~2014
Health-02 Inpatient expenditures per hospital admissions 1998~2014
Health-03 Expenditures for prescriptions dispensed at pharmacies 2000~2014
Health-04 Details of ambulatory care orders 2000~2014
Health-05 Details of inpatient orders 2000~2014
Health-06 Details of prescriptions dispensed at pharmacies 2000~2014
Health-07 Registry for Beneficiaries 2000~2014
Health-08 Registry for Catastrophic Illness Patients 2001-2014
Health-09 Birth Certificate Applications 2001~2014
Health-10 Cause of Death Data 1971-2014
Health-11 Accreditation Profile Of Medical Facilities 1998~2012
Health-12 Health Services Utilization Of Medical Facilities 1994~2014
Health-13 Health Resources Of Medical Facilities 1994~2014
Health-14 Taiwan Cancer Registry—Long Form 2007-2012
Health-15 Taiwan Cancer Registry—Short Form 2007-2012
Health-16 Taiwan Cancer Registry—TCDB 2002-2006
Health-25 Registry for Contracted Medical Facilities 2002-2010
Health-26 Birth Certificate Application (Aboriginals) 2006-2012
Health-27 Cause of Death Data (Aboriginals) 2006-2012
Health-28 Registry for board-certified specialists 2010
Health-29 Registry for Medical Personnel 2010~2011
Health-30 Multiple Cause Of Death Data 2008~2014
Health-31 Cause of Death Data (late reports) 1994~2014
Health-32 Traffic Accident Data 2003~2014
Health-44 “Triple-high status” Survey 2002、2007
Health-45 Cancer Registry (cleaned-data for Annual Report) 1979-2012
Health-48 Taiwan Birth Cohort Study 2005
Health-49 “”Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Contraception” Survey 1965、1967、1970、1973、1980、1986、1992、1998、2004、2008。
Health-50 Taiwan Youth Health Survey File 2006-2010
Health-51 Rare Disease Data 2012
Health-52 Artificial Reproductive Data 1998-2012
Health-53 Multiple Causes of Death Data (late reports) 2010~2014
Health-54 Cancer Screening – pap smear data 2004-2013
Health-55 Colorectal cancer screening 2010-2013
Health-56 Breast cancer screening 2004-2013
Health-57 Oral Mucosal Screening 2010-2013
Health-58 Taiwan Healthy Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey File 2007-2012
Society-07 National Aboriginal population profile 2006-2012
Society-09 Personal Data for the sampled NHI claims cohorts 2000, 2005
Society-10 National Health Interview Survey 2001、2005、2009
Society-12 Taiwan Longitudinal Study in Aging 1989、1993、1996、1999、2003、2007
Society-13 Taiwan Smoking Behavior survey 2004~2009
Welfare-1 The Juvenile Condition Survey in Taiwan-Fuchien Area 2003
Welfare-2 Report of the Home Care Subsidy User Condition Survey 2007
Welfare-3 The Satisfaction with Home Care Services Survey 2011
Welfare-4 The Low-income and Middle-income Family Living Condition Survey 2013
Welfare-5 Taiwan Longitudinal Study in Aging 2009、2013
Welfare-6 Physically and mentally disabled citizens living and demand assessment survey 2011
Welfare-7 Single Parent Family Condition Survey 2010
Welfare-8 Women living conditions survey 1998、2002、2006、2011
Welfare-9 Survey of Requirement Conditions of Senior Citizens Welfare Organizations in Taiwan-Fuchien Area 1999
Welfare-10 Disabled population profile 2014
Welfare-11 Low-income and middle-low-income households data 2014
Welfare-12 Family violence data 2011-2014
Welfare-14 Reported Data of Protection of Child and Youths 2011-2014
Welfare-15 Reported Data of Sexual Assault 2011-2014